En intervju med Leif Edvinsson


Anders Hemre: Leif, it’s great to have another opportunity to converse with you. It’s been eight years since our last interview – a long time in today’s world – so let’s get right to it.

Japanese scientist and economy philosopher Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka once suggested that the knowledge economy is a misunderstanding – the argument being that knowledge is developing more into a free commodity than a priceworthy good. What is your take on this suggestion and – beyond research and education – where do you see the biggest returns on knowledge, if such a concept can be defined in economic terms?


leif_edvinssonLeif Edvinsson: Thank you for again letting me share my views. I don’t think the knowledge economy as such is a misunderstanding. But I do think we need to increase our understanding of it. The knowledge economy is not just about knowledge and knowledge work. Most importantly it is about how and where value is created. And this has shifted…

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En intervju med Leif Edvinsson


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