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From the Brainovation® Think Tank
”Thinking Straight in a Non-linear World”

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Brainovation® readers are from all corners of the world and many have been with us from the start in 2007. Past topics have covered a wide range of business, organization and management subjects.
In ”What the Gurus Say” we have interviewed leading business thinkers on topics of interest such as creativity, innovation, competition and regulation, knowledge and expertise, future forecasting and intellectual capital.
And we continue the series.

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Geoff Dahl
Brainovation® Editor

2016 issues of the Brainovation newsletter
Better Business – The Benefit of Knowledge
Nov: Down the drain – an innovative way of re-piping Europe
Oct: Entrepreneurial Canada – Trying hard north of the border
Sep: AT&T and Ericsson: co-creating innovation
Aug: Globalization: Not Dead, but Different
  From Start-up to Scale-up
 Delivering Creativity – Innovation & Design Thinking
May: Under Construction – Building Creativity into Projects
Apr: Towards Tomorrow – The Future of Living Smart
Nordic Connections – The Growth of Communicating Things
Feb: Thinking with Thought Leaders: An Interview with Leif Edvinsson
Dawned in Davos – The Future According to WEF

2015 issues of the Brainovation newsletter
Dec:  The Competitive Company – A Free E-book
Nov: On the Frontiers of Technology
Oct:  R&D and High Growth Firms
Sep:  From Gazelle to Unicorn – a study of growth
Aug: Thinking with Thought Leaders: An Interview with Bettina von Stamm
Jul:   Smart Cities and the Internet of Things
Jun:  Three Days in Budapest – the 26th ISPIM Conference
May: Swedish Entrepreneurship – STING Day Startups
Apr:  Game On – How Future Leaders Learn
Mar: Gamification – Entertaining to Engage
Feb:  Making M&As Work – Doing the Due
Jan:  In search of synergy – M&As on the rise


What the Gurus Say: Brainovation Interviews 2007-2016 

Brainovation interviews 



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