Citizen Science

Citizen science – sometimes referred to as community or participatory science – has been around for quite some time. But is it serious research or just social initiatives to engage citizens and promote science in  general?

It is reasonable to assume that advanced science will continue to be practiced only by professional scientists. However, engaged citizens can make important contributions in field work or by observations and information gathering. The practice is wide spread, but with no agreed standard model to guide projects.

Earlier this year, The European Citizen Science Association published an overview description of the concept: ECSA’s characteristics of citizen science

The EU has made a platform available to support citizen science: EU-Citizen.Science

One example is project GRECO, involving citizens in photovoltaic research: Doing science differently

Not surprisingly, AI has come to play a role not only in science, but also in citizen science. The following essay offers a comprehensive overview of the issues, opportunities and risks involved:
Citizen Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Citizen Science